Founders of Cocktail Catering

The owners of Cocktail Catering Kristo Tomingas and Heinar Õispuu are lucky to have their passion as a profession – that is making excellent cocktails. They are known as frequent competitors and winners of cocktail competitions in Estonia and abroad. Both of them have also won the title of Estonian Champion multiple times. They are the creators of Butterfly Lounge, have given out three cocktail books and are also behind the drink list of a high end cocktail bar in New York that serves only their original cocktails. Kristo and Heinar are also popular trainers that have shared their knowledge with bartenders in various countries – from Bolivia to Iceland and South Korea to Canary Islands. At the same time they still use every opportunity to keep learning themselves. You can never know everything about being a bartender they say. Trends and flavors of cocktail world are in constant move and a good bartender needs to keep up with them.

Kristo Tomingas

Kristo is a dazzling personality that always has a smile on his face and something tasty to share, is it a cocktail or some other good surprise. He started his career from the legendary nightclub Decolte and then moved on to the even more legendary Club Hollywood. Cocktails are his passion. Passion that smoothly takes the shape of a delicious drink. Kristo is also an active competitor and his accomplishments have been excellent – from being an Estonian Champion to winning the title of Star of the Bar 2018 in USA, not to mention dozens of victories in Taiwan, Hongkong and many other countries. He is particularly talented in creating unique cocktail garnishes and for that he has also been recognized with a special award at the World Cocktail Championship. So Kristo will put together a cocktail menu perfect for you, decorates it all and makes sure you will finish the drinks. Responsibly, of course! You can find him behind the bar of Butterfly Lounge in Tallinn or at Mayahuel Mariposa in New York. Cheers!

Heinar Õispuu

Heinar has a stronger posture but also the kindest heart. Mixing cocktails is his hobby. If you can have your hobby as your job you must consider yourself a happy guy and that is what he is. In addition to being a wonderful bartender, he is also a great trainer that has shared his knowledge all around the world from Bolivia to South Korea. In Estonia he is a trainer of the Estonian Bartenders Association but is also ready to spice up your birthday party or company event sharing his skills and lots of fun facts about cocktail world. Throughout his career he has been a part of the team of legendary Decolte, Lounge 8 and Club Hollywood, as a bartender and also on leading positions. He has also been passionate about cocktail competitions achieving the title of Estonian Champion and winning multiple cocktail competitions in Asia. If you would like something good then just invite Heinar to your event!

Heinar and Christo are the creators of the popular cocktail bar

Butterfly Lounge is the largest cocktail bar in Estonia that has been a local hotspot already for eight years. In addition to the marvellous cocktails, a wide-ranging menu of delicious meals is also provided from the opening hours until late in the evening. Butterfly Lounge is mainly for people who value friendly and personal service, delicious meals, cocktails and quality entertainment. Every second Thursday of the month acoustic concerts of popular artists are happening. On weekends different DJ-s, instrumentalists, vocalists and dancers perform. Butterfly Lounge has won the Hõbelusikas gastronomy award in Bar/Lounge category and was also named as the best cocktail bar of Estonia and second best in Baltics by the Drinks International magazine already in 2011. Butterfly Lounge – Butterflies in your belly

Kristo ja Heinari poolt välja antud kokteiliraamatud


Värviküllane raamat, kuhu on kogutud üle kolmekümne fantaasiarikka kokteili retsepti. Kokteilid sobivad pea igale peole ja nende valmistamine teeb sündmuse omanäoliseks. Hea, kui Sul on kodus näiteks šeiker või blender, aga kokteilide valmistamisel ei pea tingimata kasutama spetsiaalseid vahendeid. Võta appi loovus ja Butterfly kokteiliraamat!


Heinar Õispuu ja Kristo Tomingas on ka rahvusvahelistel võistlustel arvukalt auhindu noppinud Eesti võistlusbaarmenid. Nende teine kokteiliraamat sisaldab 50 kireva kokteilikaunistuse valmistamisjuhendeid koos samm-sammulise õpetusega, et ise oma kokteili täpselt samamoodi kaunistada. Lisaks on raamatus 50 unikaalset kokteiliretsepti. “Kokteilid & kaunistused” on mõeldud eelkõige erialaseks kasutamiseks baarmenitele, kel on plaanis oma oskusi proovile panna, kuid sobib ka kõigile teistele, kes soovivad kokteilide valmistamises osavamaks saada. Siit leiab häid ideid enese ettevalmistamiseks võistlusteks, nõuandeid võistlusretsepti väljatöötamiseks ning nippe oma jookide kaunistamiseks. Kokteilid & Kaunistused on saadaval ka inglise keelse e-raamatuna.


Sellest kirevast kokteiliraamatust leiad 31 alkoholivaba kokteili retseptid, mis on inspireeritud kraaniveest. Igal selle raamatu kaunil kokteilil on oma saamislugu, kuid kokteilimeistrid kinnitavad, et inspiratsiooniks pole vaja midagi erilist: kokteili loomise mõte võib tekkida poes jalutades, süües, aias toimetades. Kokteile illustreerivad lisaks rõõmsavärvilistele piltidele ka Heinari luuletused, mille kohta ta ütleb lihtsalt: “Mulle meeldib sõnu ritta seada ja nii oma tundeid väljendada.”

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